New to SharkFest

First-time attendee to-do’s and tips from past attendees to get you started.


We hope you’ll check this page often for first-time attendee information to make your initial SharkFest experience easier.

First Time Attendee?

Whether you’re learning about SharkFest for the first time or are registered and don’t know what to do next, here’s your to do list:


Dress casually and in layers! SharkFest is an informal conference housed in venues that often ratchet-up the air conditioning to accommodate a mass of humanity in one space. Dressing casually and bringing a coat or jacket will ensure your comfort while sitting in sessions or networking with peers at social events.


Review and revisit the full conference agenda that will be posted soon a few times before the conference starts and create a schedule of sessions you wish to attend.


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Download the SharkFest’18 ASIA App. Familiarize yourself with the most current session agenda, speaker bios, social events, and more by downloading the Guidebook app and then searching for SharkFest’18 ASIA, which will be available 30 days before the conference start date.


Read the title AND the abstract of all SharkFest sessions of interest. Be sure the sessions you choose to attend cover the topics you’re interested in and download traces or other materials in advance of a session start time as requested in certain session abstracts.


Adjust your schedule onsite. There are no sign-up requirements or rules for attending specific sessions. Just show up at a session at the assigned time and find a seat. If the session turns out to be one that does not catch your fancy, feel free to go to another. It’s your conference. Attend it your way.


Bring your laptop to all sessions. Whether attending a hands-on session or lecture-based one, loading packet traces and accessing other resources provided by instructors on the fly could be important for a complete transfer of information. Adequate power is available in all classroom spaces.


Socialize and make merry with new friends and contacts. SharkFest is an informal, social experience aimed at bringing like-minded IT Professionals together to share Wireshark knowledge and experience. Get to know as many of your peers and share as much information as possible during your stay!